Monday, 7 April 2008


I was Asked to do a product review by Design Objectives.
The product was a 3L Scrapbook Adhesive Runner and the purchase price is £4.99.
The review consists of some questions which I have answered below.
1. How often do you use adhesive?
I use adhesive all the time and different sorts on one project.
2. What is the main type of adhesive you use?
Double sided tape and tape runners.
3. what do you look for in an adhesive?
Ease of use and re positionable until rubbed down.
4. How easy is the product to remove from its packaging?
Very easy.
5. Does the product appeal to you-i.e. does it look good?
Yes ,but maybe a different choice of colour.
6. How easy is the product to use?
I found it very easy to use, and it didn't clog up.
7. How well does the product perform?
Good, no clogging and smooth application, but maybe not so much adhesive is needed as the runner leaves a line of small strips and perhaps every other one would be less wasteful.
8. Do you like this product?
9. Do you consider it good value for money?
Not bad, it is a bit pricey at £4.99 but then again if it doesn't clog I think I would use it.
10. Would you consider buying this product in the future?
Yes. I suffer with Arthritis and found the holding position and ease of use good. Not much pressure is needed to work the runner.
11. What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future?
Choice of colour and making it refillable.
12. What would make you less likely to buy this product in the future?
If the price increased further.

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