Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Childrens papercraft club

I volunteered myself to run a craft club for year 2 children (6 to 7 years olds ) at my Son's school.
My first one is tomorrow afternoon after school and including my Son I have 12 children barering in mind that there are only 18 children in his class. I have saved the large tins from work( large bake bean tins ) and I have just covered them with paper so that the children can decorate them to use as ( bits and bobs storage ). I would like the children to take something they have made home every week .
Im hoping they wont be too bored, if anyone has any ideas or already runs a group I would love to know what the children prefer to do/enjoy doing most.
Im kinda looking forward to it, I think lol !


Lisa Swift said...

I help run a local Brownie pack and so long as it involves something messy they usually love it. Paper mache usually goes down a treat, they do hate anything sewing wise. Hope it helps xx

LuLu said...

I run our craft club at school and agree with anything messy. I've had parents actually comment that they love the club because they couldn't cope with the mess at home ! ! !

A great site for inspiration is Great ideas that you can easily adapt. We made the paper plate shelving unit (!) and the kids loved it.

Miss Em said...

That is awesome! I hope you had a good time, I am sure they did.

southern fairy said...

a great place to get images for kids, they can paint, colour, collage or do whatever they want to them :)

kerri said...

sounds like you will have a great time and I am sure they will love what you do.