Thursday, 28 August 2008

Sooooo !!!! Excited

Just booked our tickets for Lapland UK, we got an early booking code sent via email as we missed out last year. I'm so excited already, I love Christmas and I have to keep it from Harrison until the day just in case the weather is rubbish and we cant go.
They send an invite to the children asking for there help in getting organised So I will leave it out on the morning of our trip for Harrison to see.
I know he will love it, He will be eight by the time we go and still loves Father Christmas and I feel that maybe this is the last year before he starts asking questions.
I hope I'm wrong and he goes on believing for a bit longer.
I cant wait, go and have a look, ticket sales start on the 8Th Sept and it looks really magical.


Tracey said...

Wow Andrea thats fab. I love Christmas it's such a magical time of the year :o)


Kim said...

Oh what fun. Enjoy your visit to Santa's workshop - hope you have been good ;)