Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Halloween Kit

I have a new Halloween Kit coming very soon there is loads of papers and stuff included and it only costs £2.49 so keep and eye out for it over on http://www.kaboodledoodles.co.uk/ .

I have included all the elements individually so that you can re size them yourself.

I have made my card from one piece of A4 with my choice of items placed on the paper using Photoshop and I only had to print it once so quite a saving on ink.

I have printed one of the circle elements to fit in a badge machine which is why the card looks a bit wonky as I put it in my scanner. I read somewhere that badges were going to be one of the in things this year!.


leann said...

This looks fab Andrea ~ can't wait to see it all!
Leann x

Kim said...

Love the colours Andrea :) Kimx